Ultimate Body Acne Treatment Plan, Straight to the Skin

Ultimate Body Acne Treatment Plan, Straight to the Skin

Let me start by saying, acne is natural, normal, and nothing to worry about. But, let’s be real – acne can be excruciating in many ways for a lot of people. No, I’m not talking about that little zit that pops up as a by-product of PMS or that clump of blackheads that appear when you sleep with makeup on; Real acne — cystic, papules, and pustules as well as bacterial acne — can be really painful and grueling to deal with. And, if this happening on the face wasn’t enough, now we have to deal with body acne too. If you are looking to reverse your body acne by strategically creating a treatment plan for it, here is a guide that can help you.

Why, first of all, is there acne on the body?

We all know that the skin type of your face and body may be different for some people. However, those that remain constant are (in most cases) the cause of acne. More often than not, it is many factors (which can have different effects) such as clogged pores, sweat, and dirt accumulation that usually promote the spread of acne to a particular area of ​​skin – the face or body. Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, Celebrity Dermatologist, and Founder, of ISAAC Luxe, elaborates on this, “Your skin can act as a result of poor cleansing and excessive sweating. While sweat can unclog your pores, the presence of dirt, oil and dead cells that clog them can cause body acne. The best strategy to combat this is to regularly cleanse your skin with a mild foam, salicylic acid body wash.”


There’s more to this:

“Adolescent body acne usually depends on their hormone levels or genetics. caused by ups and downs. Other external factors that can cause acne in the body can be high levels of moisture and the use of clogged products. Oily and oily skin is the most prone to acne flare-ups in the body. It is most commonly seen in adolescents during adolescence but can occur at any age,” says Dr. Geetika. I was really curious (if, else) how body acne differs on the face; Dr. Geetika explains, “Body acne is different from facial acne because it is more difficult to treat because the skin on the rest of the body is thicker than on the face. It is medically referred to as folliculitis, which is a skin rash. There is an infection of the hair follicles.”

well, what is the solution?

Like facial acne, body acne also demands a specific treatment and care plan that not only combats and reduces current acne but also controls the occurrence of future flare-ups. “Use a non-comedogenic body lotion. A non-comedogenic body lotion is basically a lotion that does not clog pores but still hydrates your skin. Some lotions that contain small amounts of salicylic acid, help get rid of pre-existing breakouts. Shower regularly to clean your skin and wear loose breathable clothing that doesn’t cause irritation and sweating, which can result in acne,” says Dr. Geetika Recommends.

As someone with oily and textured skin, and random blemishes around, I’ve always relied on the power of AHAs (glycolic acid) and BHAs (salicylic acid) for my skin. So, the next obvious question was whether they are equally effective for body acne. I was delighted when Dr. Geetika agreed, “Both glycolic and salicylic acid can be used to treat body acne. The oils in them Have the ability to penetrate clogged pores and reduce accumulation. Salicylic acid is especially effective on greasy skin. Effective with acne, and when acne breakouts are accompanied by blackheads. They excel at attracting new cells to the surface of the skin. New skin cells are healthier, more likely to exfoliate spontaneously, and less likely to clog pores with sebum, debris, or dead skin cells. The

Most Important Part: Prevention

Dr. Geetika suggests, “Simple measures like showering twice a day in summer, changing your sweaty clothes after the gym, and using the right products can prevent body acne. ” She adds, “Modifying your diet also goes a long way because your skin is ultimately a reflection of what you eat. Exfoliate your body and skin at least once a week, to prevent clogged pores. Moisturize regularly as dry skin can also irritate and irritate the skin.”

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