Causes of oily skin and how to avoid it

 Why does your skin get oily and How can you avoid it.

Causes of oily skin and how to avoid it

Have you noticed that your skin emits a little extra shine?

The fact is, everyone has oil in their skin. Under every pore, there is a sebaceous gland that produces natural oils called sebum. This helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy.For a few people, the sebaceous glands produce too much oil. Resulting in oily skin.

If your skin constantly looks shiny you have oily skin. Oily skin can even feel greasy within hours of cleaning.

The sebum mixes with dead skin cells and gets stuck in your pores which can lead to acne.

What are the causes of Oily Skin

There are different factors resulting in Oily Skin. While you can’t necessarily get rid of oily skin, you can take a few steps to make your skin less oily. The main key is to identify one or more of these seven causes.


Oily skin is also hereditary in families. If one of your parents has oily skin, you’re likely to have overactive sebaceous glands, too which secretes natural oils.


We didn’t born with oily skin, our skin will indeed produce less sebum at a young age. Aging skin loses protein, such as collagen, and the sebaceous glands slow down.

This is why many adults who have aged skin also have Dry Skin. This is also the time when fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable because of the lack of collagen and sebum.
One benefit of oily skin is that you may not show signs of aging as quickly as your dry skin people.
You need to evaluate your skin as you get older. Even people in their 30s may not have the same skin composition as they did in their teens and 20s.
An aesthetician can help evaluate your skin type every few years to see if you need to make any changes to your skincare routine.

Where you live and the time of year

Whereas genetics and age drive the underlying causes of oily pores and skin, the place you reside, and the time of year can even make a difference.

People are inclined to have oilier pores and skin in hot, humid climates. You’re also more likely to have extra oil in your pores and skin during the summertime than you’ll within the fall or winter.
When you might not be able to pick up and move away due to your oily skin, you may adjust your everyday routine throughout days of excessive warmth and humidity.
Maintain blotting sheets on hand to touch up extra oil throughout the day. A matte moisturizer or foundation can even assist absorb extra oil.

Enlarged pores

Generally, your pores can stretch out because of age, weight fluctuations, and former breakouts. Larger pores also have a tendency to provide extra oil.

You possibly can’t shrink your pores, however, you may take additional care to blot areas of your face with enlarged pores throughout the day.

Using the improper skincare products

Oily skin will also be introduced by using improper skincare products on your skin type. Some people mistake combination skin for oily skin, they usually may use too heavy lotions,

for example
You probably have drier skin through the winter months, it’s possible you’ll need to change your skincare plan for the spring and summertime with light-weight moisturizers and gel-based cleansers.
Utilizing the right skincare products could make an enormous difference within the amount of oil that’s left on your face.

Overdoing your skincare routine

On the other hand, washing your face or exfoliating too often can even make your skin oily. This may look like an oxymoron because the goal of washing and exfoliating is to eliminate oil.

However, if you do that too often, you strip away an excessive amount of the oil out of your skin. This may trigger your sebaceous glands to enter emergency mode, the place they produce much more oil to make up for the loss.
You solely want to wash your skin twice a day to maintain extra oil at bay.
Failing to put on sunscreen can even dry out your skin, resulting in extra sebum production. Be sure you put on sunscreen every single day. Moisturizers and foundations with sunscreen are typically much less oily, however, you should still have to reapply throughout the day.

Skipping your moisturizer

It’s a myth that moisturizer causes oily skin. In actual fact, if you’re using acne remedies such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, you positively want a superb moisturizer to maintain your skin from drying out. With no moisturizer, any skin kind will dry out.

So as a substitute for skipping moisturizer, the key is to seek out the proper moisturizer. Light-weight, water-based moisturizers work effectively for oily skin. Always make this your final step after cleaning and firming.
Additionally, search for products that say they’re “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic” to assist keeping pores clear.

How to avoid or treat Oily Skin

Oily skin occurs when the sebaceous glands within the pores and skin make an excessive amount of sebum. Sebum is the waxy, oily substance that protects and hydrates the skin.

Sebum is important for holding the skin healthy. Nonetheless, an excessive amount of sebum can result in oily skin, clogged pores, and acne. Managing oily skin typically requires an individual to make common skincare a habit.

Treatment of Oily Skin

Wash Your Skin Regularly

  • Washing with warm water and mild cleaning soap can reduce the quantity of oil on the skin.
  • Washing regularly can cut back the quantity of oil on the skin. The next methods are advisable for washing oily skin: Wash with mild cleaning soap and warm water.
  • Keep away from soaps with fragrances, added moisturizers, or harsh chemical substances, which may irritate or dry out the skin, making it respond by creating extra sebum.
  • Keep away from loofahs and rough washcloths, as added friction could stimulate the skin to make extra oil.

If this isn’t efficient, some medicated acne care products could assist. These products include acids that may deal with oily skin, such as:

  • salicylic acid
  • glycolic acid
  • beta-hydroxy acid
  • benzoyl peroxide

These acids could also be irritating to some skin types. When starting a brand new product, apply it to a small area of skin first to see how the body reacts.

Choosing the proper facial cleansers may go effectively for some individuals. The gentle facial cleanser made with sodium Laureth carboxylate and alkyl carboxylates was efficient for tackling reasonable facial acne, though it elevated sebum production in some areas of the face.

For many individuals who merely have oily skin and never acne Vulgaris, fragrance-free glycerin cleaning soap and hot water could do the trick.

Use a skin toner

Astringent toners that include alcohol are likely to dry out the pores and skin. Natural astringents, such as witch hazel, can have skin-soothing properties.

Witch hazel has an excessive tannin content material that makes it a pure astringent and anti-inflammatory. Many individuals with oily skin use witch hazel as their only toner.

In some individuals, pure astringent toners could make enlarged pores appear smaller and take away small bits of product or make-up that might clog pores.

Nonetheless, these products could not work for everybody. Some could discover that their face tingles or itches when utilizing astringent toners. If this occurs, it might be an indication of irritation that might result in extra sebum production.

Individuals should take a look at any new toner on a small patch of skin to keep away from potential irritation.

Pat the face dry with a soft towel

When drying the face after washing and utilizing toner, people ought to gently pat their skin dry with a gentle towel.

This needs to be done with care, nonetheless. Pulling down on the skin with a towel, or utilizing a rough washcloth, is just not suggested, as it might stimulate the skin to create extra sebum.

Use blotting papers and medicated pads

Many corporations make blotting papers, that are specifically designed absorbent papers that pull oil from the skin.

Blotting papers are not going to deal with the sebum production within the skin, however, they can be utilized to carry extra oil off the skin all through the day to make it seem less shiny.

A person may additionally try cloth pads which might be medicated with familiar cleaning components, such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These could assist to take away extra oil throughout the day, whereas cleaning the pores and skin.

Use a facial mask

Sure facial masks could also be helpful for treating oily skin. These could include components such as:

  • Clay. Masks containing minerals like smectite or bentonite can absorb oils and reduce skin shininess and sebum levels without irritating the skin. Use them only sometimes to stop the skin drying out, and apply a mild moisturizer afterward.
  • Honey. Pure uncooked honey has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. A 10-minute honey face masks could reduce pimples and oily skin whereas keeping the skin soft.
  • Oatmeal. Masks containing colloidal oatmeal could assist to cleanse the skin. Oats include mild, cleaning saponins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds that might soothe irritated skin.

Apply moisturizers

Moisturizers could benefit the skin if the proper ones are used.

Whereas many people with oily skin avoid moisturizers for concern that their skin will look greasier, utilizing the appropriate moisturizers can benefit this kind of skin.

For people with very oily skin, an oil-free moisturizer may assist maintain the skin moist and protected, without it feeling greasy.

Aloe vera could possibly be an excellent moisturizer for treating pimples and oily skin.

Certain compounds in aloe vera can have a naturally soothing impact on the skin. A product should have a minimum of 10 % aloe in it to be an efficient moisturizer.

Some individuals select to make use of pure aloe gel for moisturizing, however, they want to pay attention to hidden components, particularly denatured alcohol, which may dry and irritate the skin.


Oily skin that’s linked to genetics may be difficult to stop. Even oily skin caused by modifications in hormones is difficult to control.

The perfect prevention for oily skin is for a person to discover a constant skincare routine that works, and to stick to it.

When oily skin arises, it may be tempting to cover it with make-up. Nonetheless, certain products, particularly oil-based products, might make signs worse or clog the pores.

Water-based make-up could also be a greater option for some, whereas others found wearing no make-up works best for his or her skin.

Many people additionally say their diet is what retains their skin from performing up. It could help to remain hydrated, keep away from greasy meals and trans fat, and to eat a well-rounded diet filled with entire foods.


Symptoms of oily skin could include a shiny look, clogged pores, pimples, or skin that appears rough.

Oily skin frequently impacts the face. Symptoms of oily skin include:

  • a shiny or greasy look
  • very massive or apparent pores on the skin
  • skin that appears thick or rough
  • occasional or persistent pimples
  • clogged pores and blackheads

People with oily skin could have trouble finding make-up to suit their skin, because the make-up can mix with the sebum, giving it a different consistency.

The symptoms of oily skin and their severity vary between individuals. Genetics could play a role in how oily the skin becomes.

Hormone modifications or high-stress levels may additionally increase the manufacturing of oily sebum by the body.

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  2. I agree with your point of view, your article has given me a lot of help and benefited me a lot. Thanks. Hope you continue to write such excellent articles.

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