Ways to get beautiful skin this monsoon

Ways to get beautiful skin this monsoon

With the first drops of blue color, the smell of earthy soil, that vibrant look on the trees, and the splendor of thunder and lightning, the rainy season is truly a sight to behold. the only problem! Nature blooms with splendid and radiant pride during monsoons, but our skin looks like a disheveled mess.

Skincare in monsoon is a very difficult task, especially for those who do not know the intricacies of seasonal skincare. Not only does each type of weather require a different routine, but it also comes with a list of do’s and don’ts to stay away from it. Here are some novice mistakes to avoid while taking care of our skin this monsoon,

Indulge in scrubs!

Scrubbing is certainly an essential part of skincare, but as the wise say, “an overdose of something can only lead to trouble”. Many individuals, especially those with oily skin, over-compensate by indulging in rough and excessive scrubbing in an attempt to draw out impurities. This unnecessary pressure on the skin can damage the skin barrier. It can also reduce other problems like irritation, redness and swelling, not to mention unwanted breakouts of tiny pimples. In fact, a gentle scrub every 7 days is all that is needed to keep our face clean and clear.


Weekly scrubbing is ideal

this is the ideal practice to maintain smooth and supple skin. In the end, when it comes to scrubbing, moderation is the key to a bright and beaming look.

(Moistu)Rise to the occasion!

It is a popular and dangerous myth that one should say goodbye to moisturizers with the onset of monsoon. Many people feel that since it is a watery season, the skin is already as hydrated as it needs to be and moisturizer can be kept in a drawer. This is a big mistake and our skin may have to pay the price! Moisturizing is how our skin barrier stays healthy. It also ensures that our oil glands do not secrete more sebum than required, which in turn can serve as fertile ground for zits and boils. The simple way to prevent it is to always remember: One moisturizer a day keeps acne away!

Never forget the screen-saw!

“The sun doesn’t come out much during the rain, so why should there be sunscreen?” This is the general idea behind not using sunscreen in monsoon. A very deceptive idea that has no real basis, the reason we apply sunscreen even during the rainy season is that UV-A and UV-B rays can attack our skin, irrelevant of weather conditions. This can increase the chances of pigmentation and wrinkles, in addition to reducing the original elasticity of the skin. None of these problems are conducive to the health of our skin. Whether one is indoors or outdoors, a good dose of sunscreen is a must to protect our skin during monsoons.