Dancing on EDM can Speed Up Weight Loss

Do You Know Dancing in the beats of EDM can Accelerate Weight Loss

Dancing on EDM can Speed Up Weight Loss
We all like to dance to trippy beats at the club. What if we told you that you can lose weight by dancing to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) at the next party?

Before you think that what we are writing is a joke, stop it and read it. Latest studies have proved that people who rock with EDM are doing a great job in staying fit and keeping unwanted weight away from the waist.

It is no surprise that dance is one of the healthiest exercises you can adopt in your lifestyle. Over the years various studies and experts have found that dancing does not improve the coordination of the brain as you connect your feet to the rhythm, rather it helps you maintain a healthy heart, keeping the lungs in their prime position. It lowers blood pressure levels and you flex all around, strengthening your bones. 

Dancing is also what efficiently burns calories and speeds up your metabolism. According to a Harvard-based study, a 30-minute medium-level dance can burn up to 180 calories, while fast-paced dancing causes a little more irritation, about 220 calories. In the same way, the music with which you dance has a great impact on your workout.

The Case Study

A study was done by a tech company relating to health, ‘Withings’ to analyze the moving patterns of attendees at the dance festival. It was observed that those who heard about EDM had the highest heart rate, equal to 121 bpm, and the most rotated, making their dancing experience the most powerful and efficient.

The reason for this is that people who danced while listening to EDM spent most of their time standing and walking, who used to play thoughtfully. People who dance also have their own style and movement patterns, which again contribute to overall fitness. Some of the different movements that people perform at a dance festival include jumping, squats, falling down, getting up, and shuffling their hands and feet in a rhythmic pattern (patterns can be many more). 

Additionally, the study used tracking techniques to calculate the number of calories at a festival dance. Turns out, it helps you sweat a lot more than you probably thought! Spending 2.5 hours dancing on EDM beats allows you to burn up to 300-400 calories!


Dance is, no doubt, a great form of exercise and a fun way to relieve your stress. However, if your goal is to burn calories and lose weight fast, then your priority should be to include several regular physical activities and cardio movements in your dance routine. What you can do is get yourself to participate in aerobic dance, jazzercise, belly dancing, or Zumba class, which effectively promotes rapid weight gain, promote fat burning, and target abdominal muscles. One of the best ways to reduce. Also, this is a good option for those who hate going to the gym!

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