Is Running on Treadmill is better than Running Outside

Running Outside or Running on a Treadmill Which one is Better

Is Running on Treadmill is better than Running Outside
Running is an easy and accessible way to stay fit and healthy. Not only this, it promotes weight loss, improves flexibility, and improves your mood. Now you can walk outside or walk indoors on the treadmill but which is more beneficial?


When people were asked to refrain from going out during the pandemic lockdown, people preferred to work outside the home. And so those who had a treadmill got the goodness of running while inside. The treadmill is also useful when the weather outside is too cold, too hot, or monsoon in full force, as it allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home.


We all know that vitamin D plays an important role in keeping our immunity strong. It helps in maintaining the health of our circulatory system, muscles, and bones. It’s only the deficiency of such vitamins that can lead to various health problems and diseases. Sunlight being a major source of vitamin D, increased indoor activities can prevent you from getting the proper vitamin D. Therefore, running outside proves to be a better option.

Also, running is an inexpensive activity and has health benefits. The treadmill requires investment and may add overall fees to repair and maintenance.


Both the treadmill and running have different health benefits. You can switch between the two to not make your workouts monotonous. However, remember that a healthy diet and keeping yourself hydrated are equally important.

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