Cause of Oily Hairs and How to Avoid it

The Main Cause of Oily Hairs or Greasy Hairs, How you can Avoid it what should you use to avoid it there must be a lot of questions in your mind let’s get into it one by one.

What is Oily / Greasy Hairs and what causes it?

oily / greasy hair | Sebaceous glands
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There are numerous reasons for one’s hair to be oily/greasy. According to Rob Peetoom [Professional Hair Stylist], oily hairs occur due to excess release of a fatty acid “Sebum” from Sebaceous Glands.
Although it is good for hairs but too much of it makes your hair look oily/greasy.

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Other Causes of Oily Hairs are:-

Unhealthy Eating Habits

When you don’t have well-planned meals and snack timing in addition to eating high carb, low fat / low carb food, taking supplements in place of real food, etc. causes an Improper nutrients metabolism which highly affects the functioning of oil-producing glands in your scalp.



If you are suffering from diabetes, Obesity, or any fever which undergoes the medicational process Prescribed by doctors, is one of the main causes of oily hairs.

Improper use of Chemical Treatment

Proper use of chemical treatment can cause less harm to your hairs although improper or Overuse

of chemical treatment can affect your hairs very bad. ex- Bleaching, Dying, Straightening, etc.

Taking Stress

Stressing about the working Deadline. When we are in stress our body releases a hormone called Cortisol and when it raises it causes oil-producing glands to stress as well leading to oily hairs.

Hormonal Fluctuation

During Hormonal Fluctuation Sebaceous Gland goes into overdrive, which is the main reason your hair gets oily during Pregnancy, Puberty, Menstruation, etc.

Change in Weather

When the weather gets hot we sweat through our pores and that affects scalp oils to spread through hairs making it oily.
In winter we probably wear woolen hats to keep the head warm which can also result in sweating more making hairs more oily.

How to Avoid Oily / Greasy Hairs

Wash Your Hairs Regularly   

Wash your hair frequently. Many experts of hair and scalps believe washing hairs once or twice daily is a good approach to keep your hair healthy as well as oil-free.


Keep Water Temperature Low

Dermatologists always advise to keep the shower short and temperature low.
Warm water rinses all-natural productive oils from your hairs and scalp, triggering sebaceous glands to produce more oil.
So, whenever you wash your hair with warm water remember at the end, rinse with cold water which helps in closing all the pores on your scalp.

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo absorbs your hair’s excessive oil, leaving it to look clean and refreshed.
It will not suck up oil from your scalp though, but it will extend the intervals between your hair wash.

Avoid Using Conditioners in Scalp

Apply Conditioners from mid shafts to end avoiding scalps. Conditioners are for hairs, using it on the scalp causes oily hairs. But Shampoos can be used in scalps.

Eat Vitamin-B Rich Food

Vitamin-B direct link to level Sebum production. Vitamin-B such as biotin affects panthenol and sebum levels, which help hairs stay healthy, shiny and helps reducing oily hairs.

Limit Using Heat Hair Stylers

Limit your heat hair stylers, as I said earlier heat triggers oil-producing glands to produce more oil making hair more greasy.
So, whenever you use your dryer, straightener, etc use them in the lowest temperature settings.

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