Natural Self-Made DIY Shampoo for Oily Hair

Are you tired of toxins in your shampoo, however still want one thing to tame the grease?

This simple, DIY shampoo for greasy hair is free of toxic substances, promotes healthy and clean hair.

Natural Self-Made DIY Shampoo for Oily Hair | NeoStopZone
Dealing with oily, lifeless hair is an everyday battle, and the struggle can turn costly as we attempt product after product in an effort to win the battle. There should be a better approach!

Oily hair will profit from utilizing a self-made shampoo containing substances identified to slow oil manufacturing and take away existing excessive sebum. These substances include green clay, Castile soap, honey, vinegar, tea, and essential oils such as tea tree and lavender.
Utilizing a self-made shampoo to beat oily hair is just not only better on your scalp, hair, and total health, but also it’s much more economical too!
In case you’re new to this lifestyle, and even simply annoyed with a head of oily mess, give this DIY shampoo a try! It makes use of an easy combo of essential oils and non-toxic Castile soap to assist your hair stay clear and healthy.
Although there are fairly a couple of essential oils you should use to help tame the grease, lemon and rosemary are my favorites. 

Lemon is nice for dealing with oily hair, plus it smells good and fresh! 

Rosemary additionally helps blood circulate to the scalp and assists your hair to develop sturdy and healthy.
Listed below are a couple of different grease-control essential oils you can use in your DIY shampoo. When you simply need to use what you’ve readily available, that’s effective, or you’ll be able to combine them up! 
With regards to essential oils, I have a tendency to use “Plant Therapy” for almost all things. I actually like their high quality, and that they have a KidSafe line. 
However, you possibly can undoubtedly use whatever brand you need.
Now” is also nice, and I’ve used Young Living and DoTerra too.

And few other Options You can Use for Essential Oils:

Making Your Own DIY Shampoo for Oily Hair

The great thing about self-made shampoos is that they cleanse gently without eradicating the entire beneficial oils.

After a week or so, your sebaceous glands will understand that there’s not a need to overproduce oil, and so they settle down, leading to less greasy hair that doesn’t have to be washed as regularly and a more healthy scalp.
The excellent news is that self-made shampoos are fully customizable, and after some trial and error, even those whose hair all the time appears to be greasy could discover a perfect combination that works for them.



  • Pour soap right into a 16-ounce bottle. (One like this would work.)
  • I would suggest avoiding glass bottles in the shower as they can break and cause Havoc.
  • All you should do is carefully combine all of the substances together. Adding essential oils and fill the bottle the rest of the way with water.
  • Shake gently before using so all the essential oils in the shampoo mix properly. Use as you would a ‘regular’ shampoo.
  • Also, You can Store it in the shower.

Why Commercial Shampoos Might Not Help

Oily, greasy hair and lots of store-bought shampoos end in an infinite, vicious cycle.

You see, most industrial shampoos strip your scalp and hair of naturally occurring sebum.

This causes your sebaceous glands to “panic” and enhance their manufacturing of oil to make up for what was stripped away.

The outcome? Yep. Greasy hair once more.

What do you do? Wash it once more with the identical stripping product and the cycle begins. Strip oil, oil manufacturing will increase, strip once more, and on and on.

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