Facts About Laser Hair Removal As doctors says

Facts About Laser Hair Removal As doctors uncover

Facts About Laser Hair Removal As doctors says
Docs spill the beans on everything you need to know about laser hair removal, whether permanently reducing hair is painful. Yes, does it work on all skin tones and colours, shaving is necessary before treatment, side effects are permanent and more

health experts insist that the correct term is laser hair reduction, not removed as it is not only used for thick hair but also lightens tan with multiple sessions Laser hair removal or laser hair reduction is a safe, result-proven and cost-effective procedure for permanent reduction of hair, where the procedure either destroys the hair follicles work on wavelengths that have or cause damage and may require multiple treatments over the course of 6-8 days. month.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Debeshi, Clinical Cosmetologist and Head and Founder of Lure Aesthetics shared, “People think it is painful but not at all with good equipment approved by the USFDA. 

It feels only mild tolerable heat. Although it doesn’t work on grey hair, the good thing is that it can be done on all skin types under proper supervision, now with new techniques even on very thin hair. It can be done safely on most parts of the body. 
Laser hair reduction is a commitment. You have to come in for a session every six weeks.”

He adds, “This is mostly due to the hair growth cycle, which is unique to each individual as well as each hair on a person’s body. 

Laser hair reduction can only target hair in the anagen phase of growth because this is when the hair attaches to the follicle. Unfortunately, only 20% of all your hair is in that state at any given time. As a result, the laser will be able to target only up to 20% of your hair during each session. 
People think it is very expensive but compared with the pain of waxing and lifelong removal. It is very economical and economical.”

Bringing her expertise to a list of quick facts about laser hair removal, Dr Karishma Kagodu, Plastic Surgeon, Founder and Managing Director of Dr Karishma’s Aesthetics reveals –

1. Works on all skin tones and colours: 

Laser hair removal works on all skin tones and colours, due to the interference of the Nd: YAG laser machine, it is safe and efficient for people with light and dark skin

2. Permanent Results: 

The heat from the laser light destroys the hair follicles and bulbs, resulting in a reduced number of follicles and reduced hair growth after each session.

3. Painless Procedure: 

Although Laser is painless, some pain may be associated depending on the pain tolerance level of each patient. These days laser devices have inbuilt cooling systems which make the procedure virtually painless.

4. It requires 8-12 treatments. Requires: 

You must be patient to see full results.2-3 sessions to see the visible difference and 8-12 treatments may be required for the final full result.

5. Knowledgeable Technician: 

For permanent hair removal, technicians must know how to target the hair and select the right type of laser and Fluence/Energy settings.

6. Side effects are temporary: 

Minimal redness may be expected after the session, which tends to get better on that day itself.

7. Required shaving before treatment: 

The area should be cleaned within 24 hours.

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