5 Unhealthy Foods Harmful to Your Hair Growth

Beware of These 5 Foods That Are Harmful To Your Hair Growth

5 Unhealthy Foods Harmful to Your Hair Growth
People may complain about the condition of their hair when they are aging. No person is satisfied with the condition of hair because they are meeting with various health issues. However, hair growth depends on age, health, and diet. But your hair grows 15 cm every year which is an interesting fact. Even if your hair growth is influenced by age and genetics, you can change the bad condition of your hair by consuming a diet rich in nutrients.

Since dietary deficiencies have an effect on your hair growth, you should stop worrying and start incorporating nutritious foods into your daily diet. A poor diet will prevent healthy hair growth and thus lead to various hair issues. So, you have to avoid certain foods that inhibit the growth of your hair.

Check the following bad foods that you should avoid.

Refined Grains

White bread, cakes, pastries, white pasta as well as other refined items as well as refined foods. However, more processed starch is converted into sugar and thicker hairs inhibit lock and thus thinning hair. So, you avoid starch and refined grains and start including whole wheat in your diet.


When you find out that fish is very good for your health, you can suddenly think of your choice as it is high in mercury which demolishes the growth of your healthy hair causing hair loss. it happens. It is believed that large fish will contain large levels of mercury according to nature. So, you need to stop pointing your fingers towards swordfish, mackerel, and even tuna at the fish market. Seal hair loss with a poor selection of seafood that contains high levels of mercury that have recently been associated with hair loss.


Consumption of sugar is often not recommended as it is associated with many health complications. It can also be a cause of hair loss because it will absorb the proteins that are essential for hair. So, it is highly necessary to avoid your enemy in the presence of small crystals.


Consumption of alcohol is not appropriate as it has many side effects. This will reduce the level of zinc in your body which in turn is essential for hair growth. When you are boiling, it will cause dehydration which can lead to brittleness and other issues. So, you should look at your boiling glasses.

Oily Foods

Foods with high saturated fats and hydrogenated oils can press on your pores and even your scalp. Thus it will cause hair loss. Therefore, baked goods or crackers and hard margarine with trans fats will affect the growth of your hair.

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