4 Common Myths About Oiling Hairs

For smoothness, everything needs oiling once, so why leave your head? 

4 Common Myths About Oiling Hairs
Hair oiling may not look as chic but let’s be honest, it’s a lifesaver, and especially Indian mothers were totally right about it. We all had our excuses to avoid applying oil, but epidemics became our safe refuge to massage the head with oil for a cherished scalp.

From environmental stresses to personal stresses, the odds are stacked against your luscious locks, which is why it requires extra care. You need to bathe your over-washed and poorly nourished scalp with the goodness of natural and essential oils. 

While the benefits of applying hair oil are more than a gazillion, there are many common mistakes and myths about which our mothers do not even know. But don’t fret; 
We are here to expose the common hair oil myths so that you can do it correctly.

1. Oiling your hair overnight

Our school days there were a few nights of oiling sessions after which we get into a sweet sleep but little did we know its effects. If your hair is oiled for a long time, your scalp collects the dirt, which combines with the natural oils of your mane. And you don’t want that to happen.

2. Tighten braids after oiling

Everyone gets weak sometimes, and for your hair, this is the right time when you oil it. Tightening your hair tightly after applying oil will, first of all, cause a knot that we all hate. Next, a tight hairstyle will weaken the roots of your mane and damage your hair. So, no more tight ponytails or pigtails after applying oil.

3. Oiling when hairs are wet

No matter how satisfying it is to massage hot oil in wet hair, do not do it! Wet hair is more prone to breakage and tingling while applying oil can result in catastrophic hair fall. Therefore, stop applying oil only when your hair has dried completely.

4. Applying excessive Oil

Do you often go overboard with oil, taking truckloads of it and trying to put in it? 

You need to slow down. Do not take large amounts of oil but work in small amounts. This is because more oil means using more shampoo which will deprive your hair of its natural oils. This will ultimately defeat the whole purpose of applying oil and make your hair shorter than before.