Your hair needs sun protection. Here’s everything you need to know

Yes, Your hair needs sun protection. Here’s everything you need to know

Your hair needs sun protection. Here's everything you need to know
If there’s one product that’s gained explosion momentum in recent times, it has to be sunscreen. A major staple in anyone’s kitty, sunscreen has been around longer than you might think; Did you know that sunscreen was first invented in 1938? Then why it took so long to commercialize is a mystery… well, none of us saw our mothers whipping up white cream like we do now. But, nothing changes the fact that it’s mandatory – in every way you can think of. Now here’s the thing: Sunscreen is not only important for your skin, but it’s equally important for your hair. Yes! Hair-screen is a thing and it is one of the most prominent things that can reverse or reduce the tic bomb aka hair loss. After all, the biggest reason for our hair getting so bad is the sun and harmful UVA/UVB rays.


Hair needs sun protection and reaffirms a derm

When asked whether hair deserves as much sun protection as skin, Celebrity Dermatologist and Skin Sense, Dr. Kiran Sethi said, ” Absolutely!” He continued, “If you look at your hair – isn’t the top layer more frizzy and damaged? The bottom is always greasy. This is because of the long-term effects of sun damage on the hair. UV rays damage the cuticle. which forms the protective layer around the hair sheath, resulting in more frizz, discoloration, split ends, and breakage over time. It essentially acts as a bleach, and even keratin It also damages the protein that makes up the hair.”

Things can get worse…

” It’s even worse if you swim (because – of chlorine damage); if you heat roll, blow-dry or already bleach your hair, your hair can easily break Are prone to sun damage because the more damaged the keratin is, the easier it is for your hair to be affected by UV rays,” reveals Dr. Kiran. “Dark hair types have more protection than blondes because melanin absorbs UV light,” she mentions.

How does sun protection reduce sun damage?

Today, there is a slew of products that make ‘hair-screen’ applications a convenient reality. Serums, hair sprays, and hair-screen sprays with SPF are some of the most common products. “With sun protection, we can reduce the damage caused by UV rays. We can also reduce frizz, breakage, and discoloration with adequate sun protection for the strands,” suggests Dr. 

She also shares some basic and useful tips:

  • Wear a turban or hat around your hair when you go out in the sun
  • while swimming, heating your hair, or hair treatments
  • Wear a hair screen or sunblock for the hair 
  • Reduce sunlight peak time from 10 am to 4 pm

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