What are The Most Common Causes Of Dandruff

What are The Most Common Causes Of Dandruff

Dandruff is a troublesome hair issue that would occur to anybody, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Dandruff is a skin situation that happens on the scalp which causes irritation and flakes. And let’s be clear, this situation has nothing to do with poor hygiene. 

After all, People affected by dandruff is still not a nice ordeal. You can’t operate properly with dandruff because it makes your scalp itchy and results in hair fall and typically even breakouts in your face. Nipping it within the bud at first of its prevalence is the correct thing to do reasonably than deciding to dwell with it. But what’s The Causes Of Dandruff actually? 

Let’s find out.

You first have to determine what sort of dandruff you’ve gotten. Much like dandruff, a dry scalp additionally causes the skin to flake however this may be treated with completely different moisturizing products and isn’t really dandruff.

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is the result of extreme dead skin cells gets collected within the scalp. Dead skin cell accumulation on the scalp is a purely physiological process and a part of each individual’s hair cycle. Nonetheless, extreme accumulation of dead skin scales causes the scalp to get itchy and flaky. These flakes and itchiness related to it are actual dandruff.

An Oily Scalp

For those who usually have an oily scalp, then it’s possible you’ll be experiencing dandruff more often in case you don’t care about your hair right. Extra oil manufacturing on the scalp is a breeding floor for dandruff as a result of the oiliness promotes the growth of yeast which is bacteria causing dandruff which ends up in a fungal infection.



Sure, age could be an issue for the causes of dandruff. Those who people between the age of 16 to 25 experience dandruff more usually and it retains recurring. That’s because throughout this age group the sebaceous glands are at the peak of activity. The glands on the scalp continuously produce oil and between this age group that sebum manufacturing is accelerated. Due to this fact, dandruff is more stubborn and would prone to reoccur. 

Dry Skin

When you have a dry scalp situation, it’s possible you’ll already be experiencing flakiness and itchiness in certain areas more than others. But when the mane is overwashed or not oiled, a dry scalp will lack moisture and this might result in dandruff. Extreme shampooing can strip the scalp of its natural oils, therefore, resulting in more dryness, itchiness, and flakes. 

Irregular Hair Wash Schedule

If you’re avoiding washing your hair you’ll encounter dandruff. If you don’t shampoo regularly your scalp health is in jeopardy. In case your scalp tends to get oily, it’s best to wash your mane a minimum of twice per week and even thrice if necessary. If you don’t clear your scalp and hair often, it will possibly result in dead skin cell build-up and oil build-up which is simply the correct situation for stubborn dandruff to appear. And if that’s not sufficient to trigger dandruff, then yeast can even develop because of the extra oiliness causing the skin cells to increase and flake. 


If you’re undergoing rigorous exercise for long intervals, you’re positively susceptible to sweating. A sweaty scalp is the place dandruff thrives as a result of which once again oil manufacturing is accrued in your scalp. Due to this fact, it’s important to clean your hair after a tough physical training session. 

Product Build-Up

For those who use styling products, you’re acquainted with the term product build-up. Sadly, product build-up doesn’t only make your hair look greasy but it will possibly also clog the pores in your scalp, due to this fact, inflicting irritation and dandruff. Some styling products also have an excessive alcohol content material which may trigger dryness on the scalp when it is available in contact with it. In response to the dryness, the scalp can produce excess sebum which in flip results in dandruff if not washed with shampoo. Ideally, it’s best to keep away from using styling products in your scalp and mostly apply it to the lengths and ends alone. 

Weather Conditions

Excessive climate conditions like extreme exposure to sunlight or an extremely chilly surrounding can result in a flaky scalp. If you’re in a spot that has damp local weather, your scalp is probably to get dandruff.

Humidity and scorching air may cause you to sweat, particularly on your scalp. Extreme sweating means extra oil manufacturing which can result in the development of dandruff. For this reason, most individuals experience dandruff during the monsoon seasons as well because of the excessive humidity levels within the environment. 

Emotional Distress

Research means that stress is one other large factor in inflicting dandruff. Extreme stress has an incredible influence on your bodily capabilities which is troublesome. When you’re stressed, eating problems and irregular routines can result in situations that breed dandruff.


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