Mane Maintenance for Updos: Tips for Keeping Your Style in Place

Mane Maintenance for Updos: Tips for Keeping Your Style in Place


Updos are a popular and timeless hairstyle choice for various occasions, ranging from formal events to everyday elegance. However, the key to a flawless updo lies in its ability to stay in place throughout the day or evening. In this article, we will explore essential tips and tricks to ensure your updo remains intact, allowing you to confidently flaunt your style without worrying about any hair mishaps.

Understanding the Basics of Updos

Before diving into maintenance tips, it’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of updos. Updos involve gathering and securing the hair at the crown or nape of the neck, creating an elegant and polished look. Different variations, such as buns, chignons, or braided updos, offer versatility for various hair lengths and textures.

Prepping Your Hair

To achieve a long-lasting updo, it’s essential to start with clean, dry hair. Wash your hair the night before, allowing it to air dry or using a blow dryer on a low heat setting. Avoid applying excessive styling products as they can weigh down your hair and make it difficult to secure the updo.

Teasing for Added Volume

Teasing, also known as backcombing, is a technique that adds volume and grip to your hair, making it easier to create an updo that stays in place. Take small sections of hair near the roots and gently backcomb them with a fine-toothed comb. This technique provides a texturized base for pins and hair accessories to hold onto, ensuring your updo remains secure.

Securing with Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a staple when it comes to keeping updos intact. To ensure maximum hold, insert the bobby pins in a crisscross pattern, creating an “X” shape. This technique helps distribute the weight of your hair evenly, preventing any loose strands from escaping. Additionally, spraying the bobby pins with hairspray before inserting them can provide extra grip.


Utilizing Hair Accessories

Hair accessories not only add a touch of elegance to your updo but also help in keeping it in place. Decorative pins, hair combs, or headbands can be strategically placed to secure loose sections of hair. Opt for accessories that complement your outfit and the overall style of your updo, enhancing its beauty while maintaining its stability.

Applying Hairspray

Hairspray is a must-have product to set your updo and ensure it withstands the test of time. Select a strong-hold hairspray and mist it evenly over your entire updo, focusing on the roots and the area where the pins are inserted. Remember to hold the hairspray bottle at least 12 inches away from your head to avoid a sticky or stiff appearance.

Avoid Excessive Touching

Once your updo is complete, it’s essential to resist the temptation to constantly touch or adjust it. Continuous touching can loosen the pins and disrupt the hairstyle’s structure. If you feel any areas require attention, gently make the necessary adjustments but refrain from excessive handling.

Dealing with Humidity and Frizz

Humidity can be the arch-nemesis of any updo, causing frizz and unruly strands. To combat this, incorporate anti-humidity products into your hair care routine. Serums or sprays specifically designed to combat frizz can be applied before styling your updo. Additionally, a lightweight hairspray with anti-humidity properties can act as a shield against moisture.

Overnight Care

If you plan to keep your updo overnight, there are a few steps you can take to preserve it. Gently wrap a silk scarf or use a silk pillowcase to avoid friction and prevent your updo from getting flattened. In the morning, carefully unravel the scarf or remove the pillowcase, and gently fluff your updo to restore its shape.

Removal and Post-Updo Care

When it’s time to remove your updo, proceed with caution to avoid unnecessary damage. Start by removing any hair accessories or pins gently. Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to detangle any knots or tangles. Follow up with a nourishing conditioner or leave-in treatment to restore moisture and minimize any potential breakage.


With the right techniques and products, maintaining an updo becomes a breeze. By prepping your hair, securing it with bobby pins, utilizing hair accessories, and applying hairspray, your updo will remain picture-perfect throughout the day or night. Remember to consider your hair’s texture and the weather conditions to tailor your maintenance routine accordingly. Now, go ahead and rock your updo with confidence!


1. How long do updos usually last?
Updos can last anywhere from a few hours to an entire day, depending on various factors such as hair texture, products used, and weather conditions. By following the maintenance tips provided, you can extend the longevity of your updo.

2. Can I create an updo on short hair?
Yes, updos can be created on short hair as well. Experiment with different techniques like twists, braids, or using hair accessories to secure your hair in place.

3. Will hairspray make my updo look stiff?
Using hairspray in moderation and holding the bottle at a distance will prevent your updo from looking stiff. Opt for a flexible-hold hairspray to maintain a natural appearance while providing the necessary hold.

4. How can I prevent frizz in humid weather?
To combat frizz in humid weather, incorporate anti-humidity products into your hair care routine. These products will help control moisture and keep your updo looking sleek and polished.

5. Can I sleep in my updo?
Sleeping in your updo is possible if you take precautions. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf or use a silk pillowcase to minimize friction and prevent your updo from getting flattened.