How To Stop Your Dry Hair From Tangling

How to Stop and Prevent Your Hair from Tangling

How To Stop Your Dry Hair From Tangling
Does your hair often strangle each other? Dealing with tangled hair can be a frustrating thing to do. Your hair can be a tangled mess, no matter what you do. Hairstyling tools, blow-drying, poor hair washing techniques, and some hairstyling can cause hair to become tangled. But, using the right conditioning products that are suitable for your hair can help promote hydration, which, in turn, can prevent your hair from tangling. Here is a list of ways by which you can prevent your tensions from getting entangled.

Why Hair Tangling Occurs?

There may be some reasons why your hair Tangles continuously. Hair texture, frequency of brushing, exposure to air as well as the health of your hair can all contribute to maturing. Your hair is more likely to get tangled:

1. Lack of moisture

When there is a lack of moisture in your hair, it leads to friction and tension, which gets tangled later. The outer layers of your hair shaft break, resulting in a rough and damaged look. Lack of hydration can also worsen the condition of your hair.

2. Not Using a Comb

Not brushing daily is a big risk to your hair. Eventually, it will cause a kink in your hair. Without combing, oil or residue made over time can disrupt the health of your hair. Some people only separate the ends of their hair and fail to separate the lumps on the roots. Improper hair tangling can lead to further tangles and knots.

3. Unwanted Dry End

Long-lasting without trimming your hair leads to split ends and frizzy hair. Dry ends also break easily. And once your hair is parted, it cannot be repaired. It remains dry and tones your hair. Dry, curly strands and split ends can easily grip your hair.

4. Sleeping with your hair

Sleeping without braiding or tying your hair can cause some serious touches. Hair tangling can be caused by friction between strands of hair. If you let your hair down, the hair cuticles rub against each other at bedtime. Another major no-no is going to bed with wet hair. Hair is most delicate when wet. It can quickly frizz and break easily. The touches caused by lying down with damp hair are a nightmare as they are stiff and difficult to remove.

5. Damaged Cuticles

Constant heat styling or blow-drying can prevent your hair from tangling out and cause friction, which can result in lumps. When your hair is damaged, its outer layers tend to deteriorate, leaving the inner layer open and unprotected. This accelerates damage to your cuticles.

Wearing a cotton scarf or high-collar top can absorb all the moisture from your hair resulting in friction, which then causes hair to tangle. Producing the product, using the wrong deep conditioner that is not suitable for your hair pores, and postponing your wash days all get entangled. But, you can prevent your hair from getting tangled. Learn more about how to prevent your hair from getting tangled in the next part.

How to Stop Your Hair From Tangling

How To Stop Your Dry Hair From Tangling

1. Condition Your Hair

Shampooing your hair well is not good enough. Always finish with a moisture-off conditioner. It helps your hair to slip off your brush without any hindrance. The conditioner smoothes your hair and effectively softens dry strands. It is best to let the product sit under your strain for a few minutes before washing it. Applying conditioner to your hair will restore moisture and make your hair less tangled. Always pay more attention to the hair ends when applying conditioner.


Use your fingers to remove all the lumps carefully. This will help your hair tangle without any breakage. Then, gently comb through your teeth with a wide-toothed comb.

2. Use a wide-toothed comb

It is best not to use a brush on a rat-tailed comb or tangled hair, although using a hairbrush can be attractive because it is easy to use. But, brushes can open tears and damage the hair. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb as it removes lumps more efficiently without pulling your hair too much. Always start at hair ends and work your way up to the roots.

Always brush your hair before taking a shower. This will protect your hair from getting tangled when you wash it. Also, do not brush your hair when it is wet, as it increases the risk of breakage.

3. Rinse with cold water

This is a simple but effective step. A hot water shower opens the hair cuticles, causing hair tangle and locks. Rinsing your tangles with cold water during the shower closes your cuticles and prevents any breakage. By doing this, there are rough and dry varieties in the bay.

4. Go easy with the towel

Rub and rub your hair vigorously with a terry cloth towel immediately after a shower, this can help to prevent hair tangling and breakage to a great extent. This cuticle also irritates the structure, resulting in split ends and curly hair. Instead, gently squeeze your hair with a towel and allow it to air-dry. Microfiber towels are the best option to get a great result. If you want to blow-dry your hair, allow it to dry about 80% air before blow-drying it.

5. Keep your hair safe at bedtime

Do you know that your hair can get tangled while sleeping? Yes, the friction caused by strands of hair can cause lumps to become more tangled. To deal with this, invest in silk pillowcases as it does not cause friction and it prevents your hair from getting tangled. Avoid cotton pillows as they are rough in texture and have a tendency to dry and break your hair.

Also, loosen your hair or tie it in a loose bun before going to sleep to avoid relaxation.

6. Apply oil regularly to your hair

To give your hair a healthy dose of moisture, you need to oil it regularly. Organic coconut oil is a great way to show some love to your palate. Massage some warm coconut oil in your cooked tresses to moisturize them. This trick works wonderfully on all hair types. To get long-lasting results, you can mix coconut oil with jojoba and olive oil. This mixture can effectively get rid of tangles.

7. Apply Hair Mask

Applying a hair mask once a week can greatly improve the texture of your hair and also restore its moisture. It hydrates and soothes your dry cuticles, making your locks silky and soft. Some of the most effective ingredients that can change your hair are yogurt, honey, and almond oil. Mix these ingredients, apply the paste to dry hair, and leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing.

You will see a lot of difference in the texture of your hair within a few weeks. If the mask is too time-consuming for you, you can add lemon juice to two cups of water and massage it with this solution on your scalp. It will change your hair within days. These are extremely powerful hair treatments that can leave your hair healthy, silky, and less touching.

8. Avoid using heat styling tools

Heat styling tools such as blowdry, straightener, and curling iron can take a toll on your delicate locks. Styling tools may seem difficult to avoid. But, if you are using them continuously without using any heat protectants, then they can dry your hair. This situation later gets entangled. To avoid this, use the devices at low to medium heat settings. You can avoid damage by applying heat protectant before heating your hair.

9. Use detangling products

Products such as individual sprays, serums, and conditioners can open knots effectively. They soften the dried varieties and eliminate the interview. If a huge knot is bothering you, then apply some different product to it and the area around it. Massage your tensions and gently brush down through the knot. Maybe you can also use your fingers to separate the tangles.

10. Avoid products containing alcohol

While there is a wide range of products that claim to be natural, it is important to see those who are right for their claim, especially in the context of the presence of alcohol. Alcohol dries your hair and ruins its texture, causing tangles and breakage. Therefore, choose products that are free of sulfates and alcohol.

Now, check some simple tips, by following which you can reduce the lumps and tangles in your hair.

Tips to Reduce Knots and Tangles

  • If you want to prevent your hair from knotting while swimming, exercising, or playing, it is the best idea to wear it in a braid or ponytail. Your hair gets washed away with sweat and dirt.
  • Always use your fingers to loosen the knots before using the comb. It can reduce the size of the lumps to a great extent and can reduce the pain. Also, section your hair before stripping it. This can make your way of work more manageable.
  • Trim your hair every three months to get rid of split ends. Also, if you are not able to remove any knot, trim it as a last resort.
  • Brushing wet hair can stop hair tangling and breakage. Instead, use your fingers to remove any knots and tangents immediately after exiting the shower.
  • Avoid using styling products that leave a residue as they will contribute to knotting your hair.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner just after washing your hair. This will not only make your hair more manageable but will also reduce frizz and flyways.
  • Use a natural homemade hair mask with ingredients such as yogurt and honey to keep your hair in deep condition every two weeks.
  • To protect your hair from sun, wind, dust, and pollutants, wear a scarf or hat while going out.
  • Oil your hair with some natural oil for an hour before shampooing.

Listed below are some simple remedies to reduce the various types of tangles.

Fixing dry tangles

Dry tangles are particularly painful to relieve. Apply a mousse or serum to lubricate the dried cuticle Before you start stripping them with a comb.

Fixing tangles caused by styling products

Using too much hairspray or hair gel can cause your hair to become dry and dry. To get rid of stiffness and lumps, first use an oil to moisturize your stresses. It also helps soften the dry end. Gently massage oil on the irritated area and brush through your locks.

Fix weight tangles

When your hair is wet, apply the serum before detaching your fingers. This helps keep your locks soft and smooth.


Stripping your hair can be a painful effort. But, now it is not so! Conditioning your hair well and using a wide-toothed comb can help prevent your hair from getting tangled. Just follow the tips listed above and get tangle-free silky hair.

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