10 Lesser Known Facts About Your Heart That can Surprise You

10 Lesser Known Facts About Your Heart That can Surprise You

10 Lesser Known Facts About Your Heart That can Surprise You
A single session of hearty sex is a great exercise that, by some estimates, burns up to 200 calories that measure up to a brisk 15-minute run.

10 lesser-known facts about your heart: 

In 1984, the German duo Modern Talking produced ‘You’re My Heart; You’re My Soul’, his bestselling single which hit the screens worldwide. By that time there had the human heart, the various diseases affecting it, and how to control or treat them, and this process is only going on.

Many centuries before them, many poets, writers, and playwrights have created literary masterpieces in which heroes express undying love for their beloveds through language that only the heart understands, and even This process has not given any impetus to the literature of the

Human Heart; Medical Perspective

As revealed by studies over the past several decades, the human heart is a muscular organ that is responsible for pumping healthy blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to the many blood vessels in the body. The heart has four chambers, the upper left atrium, the upper right atrium, the lower-left ventricle, and the lower right ventricle.

300 An average adult human heart weighs grams to 350 grams, which of course varies among individuals. You can get a very clear idea about the size of your heart as shown in several studies. A healthy heart beats at a rate of 72 beats per minute, which is the standard figure adopted by physicians around the world. These are the facts that are most known. Below we share with you 10 incredible facts about the heart that you may have never heard of.

1. Most Powerful Muscle

You must have seen bodybuilders with well-toned physiques and powerful muscles who seem ready to lift tons of weights. But, did you know that none of the visible muscles is as powerful as your chest, the fist-sized super strong muscle located inside your heart, which works non-stop from embryonic stage to death? A healthy heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood through a staggering distance of about 60,000 miles a day.


2. The heart is a laughing machine

Many Laughter Clubs have developed in different cities across the country and it is not without any profit Actually, the first Sunday of the month of May is celebrated as World Laughter Day. In addition to the general benefits of a hearty laugh, a good, hard laugh can actually cause 20% more blood to flow through the body while relaxing the walls of blood vessels. So now you have another reason to laugh. We suggest you re-read this point and laugh. Laugh out loud!

3. Sex

It is good for giving up stress buster chemicals, but it may not be known whether great sex sessions at least three times a week It is fun-filled with pleasure that cuts your chances of dying of coronary heart disease in half Is. A single session of hearty sex is a great exercise, which, by some estimates, is 200 calories for a brisk 15-minute run. But hey, play safe!

4. From the moon and back
This is not about your journey to the moon and back, but to tell you how much energy your heart produces over a lifetime. Over a lifetime the heart produces energy that is enough to take a standard truck or school bus to the moon and back.

5. Women have a higher heart

Apart from a social norm, it is clinically proven that a woman’s heart beats faster than that of a man’s. Where a man’s heart beats at a rate of about 72 beats per minute, a woman’s heart beats at a rate of about 80 beats per minute.

6. Cross your heart to the center

this is because the heart is located in the center of the chest between the lungs, not to the left as is widely believed.

7. When the heart is on the right side

it is a medical condition known as dextrocardia. Dextrocardia is a congenital defect in which the top of the heart is placed on the right side of the chest and a very small percentage of people are born with it. But there’s nothing to worry about, because even people with dextrocardia can lead normal lives, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

8. Manic Monday

This is not just a complaint of bangles but an in-depth study and observation according to which Mondays are the most common days when a heart attack can occur. This was confirmed by the European Journal of Epidemiology, according to which men have a heart attack on Monday. The odds of having a stroke were 20 percent and women 15 percent.

9. It is a hair enhancer

Studies related to heart diseases in men have shown that men who have hair fall on the top of their heads are 23 percent more likely to be affected by heart disease. The percentage of those who lose their hair completely is even higher; 36 percent.

10. Electric Heart

It is not a unique phenomenon but an intrinsic feature of the heart. The heart has its own electrical system, just like the electrical wires in your home. Generates the signals that make up the beat. These electrical impulses keep the heart beating even after it is separated from the body as long as it has a sufficient supply of oxygen.

The heart plays an important role in blood circulation and provides pure and healthy blood to all the organs of our body from the embryonic stage to death. Therefore, it is essential that you respect your heart and take very good care of it.

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