Get Rid of Double Chin with 7 Simple and Easy Exercises

How to Reduce a Double Chin with 7 Simple and Easy Exercises

Get Rid of Double Chin with 7 Simple and Easy Exercises
Many Peoples get an excess fat deposition under their jaw. But there is no need to worry, people with healthy body weight, sometimes, develop a fat deposit called a double chin. Well, if you want a normal jawline that is perfectly shaped, then it is time to bring some facial exercises into your workout routine.

Causes of Double Ch in


There are many causes of double Chin but the most common causes include excess fat, poor posture, aging skin, genetics, or facial structure. And as we all know all these causes are not under our control, so, we have to find the right exercise that reduces the double chin. 

Here are 7 exercises that will help you to reduce a Double Chin.

1. Lower Jaw Push

The Lower Jaw Push is an exercise in which you have to keep your face forward trying to move your lower jaw forward and backward while raising your chin.

2. Face-lift Exercise

Face Lift Exercise helps in Preventing sagging of the skin, and this exercise works on the muscles around the upper lips. In this exercise, you have to open your mouth wide and inflate your nostrils, and old this position for about 10 seconds before releasing it.

3. Chewing Gum

Yes, Chewing Gum can sound strange, but it is one of the simplest exercises to reduce double-chin fat. During the process of chewing the gum, the muscles of the face and chin are in constant motion, which helps reduce excess fat. It tightens the jaw muscles, raising the chin.

4. Tongue Roll

First Keep your head straight then roll out and spread your tongue towards your nose.

Keep repeating the process, and try to hold it for at least 10 seconds.

5. Fish Face

Fish Face is a face restructuring exercise in which all you have to do is suck your cheeks and hold them for 30 seconds, similar to the pouting face made while taking a selfie.

Take a breath and repeat the exercise four to five times.
In case the fish face is too difficult, work with the pout.

6. Simha Mudra

In Simha Mudra, sit with your knees bent also called Vajrasana, keep your back straight, and put your palms on your thighs. Keep your head straight, and take out the tongue as much as you can but don’t put too much strain. Take a deep breath and roar like a lion while exhaling. Do 5 – 6 times repeatedly for better results.

7. Giraffing

This is the easiest exercise and works wonders on the double chin. Sit in a comfortable position and look directly upwards. Place the hands on the neck, and stroke it downward and at the same time, tilt the head backward, then bend the neck to touch the chest with the chin. Repeat the process twice.

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