5 Things Everyone Must know before Starting a Blog

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Blogging

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Blogging
It seems easy to become a successful blogger. Countless people are big bloggers. Some of them also travel all over the world and write about their adventures.

There are a lot of “experts” out there who claim that they are making several thousand dollars every month from their writing and their blogs. Their blog has become a successful online business and these people have built a successful personal brand.

It seems that all this has happened overnight.

They make it so easy and effortless.

Do not believe all the hype.

Blogging and writing, in general, is a difficult business. Most people will tell you only positive things about this line of work. Still, everything is not. I always try to give you authenticity and tell my truth through my writing.

I always try to help you and open your eyes to the reality of the situation.

Below are 5 things I want me to know when I first started blogging:

Your blog may not fly immediately

I would love to sit here and tell you that all you have to do is create a blog on the medium or any other blogging platform and you will be able to get a huge following immediately.

I would love to tell you that you will be able to earn an incredible amount every month from your writing and your blog in just a few weeks.

But this will not happen.

It takes time to build a loyal follower, you cannot hack your way to a successful blog. It took me 8 months to build a solid loyal follower and I am sure I have made a lot of mistakes along the way.

However, the thing is, I have seen a lot of bloggers coming and going on the medium. I have noticed that many people seem to have gotten the kind of results they were looking for as fast as they wanted.


Everyone wants to succeed. Nevertheless, most people are not willing to work to earn that type of success.

Did you know that more than 2 million blog posts are published every day worldwide?

So yes, a large amount of material is being made every day.

To earn a good income from your blog, be patient with yourself and be prepared to work hard for many months, if not years.

Learn to see the world from a writer’s perspective

When I first started blogging, I only wrote about general topics and situations.

However, as I began to read more material from highly successful bloggers, I began to realize that these writers saw the world in a very different way than mine.

These bloggers were writing about their experiences and things they had read or heard before.

These people were looking at the world through a writer’s lens.

You need to find your Network


Work continuously and continuously to develop your network. Fill your network with aspiring writers as well as well-known bloggers and writers.

When you have a diverse group of people supporting you and giving you honest feedback, your writing will improve considerably over time.

Also, writing becomes even more fun when you have other people to share your work with. Writing is about building a community, it’s something I didn’t know about when I first started blogging.

There are countless talented people to support and encourage you and me. They can give you their time and their honest feedback on your writing.

Talk about blogging stuff, share your thoughts, feelings, and goals with people, learn from each other and inspire each other.

Find your Network, it will be important for your success.

Always be your authentic self – whatever the critics say

There will always be people out there who hate your writing. There will always be people who try to degrade you or talk negatively to you about the quality of your writing.

Internet trolls are everywhere. It is easy for these people to hide behind their computer screens and criticize you to actually make any kind of quality writing themselves.

I always say that it is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize those who are actually playing in the game. When you step into the world of writing, you will be exposing yourself to rejection and pain. You will be exposing yourself to ridicule from internet trolls.

But stay strong my dear writers.

Always speak your truth and always present your authentic self. Be true to your beliefs and your values. Write from a pure and real place. Most people will respect you for your honesty and authenticity and at least…

You will be able to respect yourself and see yourself in the mirror.

Writing is a journey, not a destination

When I first started getting serious about my blog last April, my mindset was to get a certain number of followers within a certain period of time.

During this time in my life, I used to pay attention to the number and positive repetition of the clap and recognition I received for the articles I wrote.

Considered writing as if it was some kind of destination where I had to reach. I thought I would “make it” as a blogger if I reached a certain peak of success. Writing is about the journey you are on.

It will help you to grow not only as a writer but as a human being, continued to read new books, articles online, other blogs, and gain more experiences, travelling is more important than the destination.

I want to keep learning new things so that I could share them with the world. 

I try to learn new things every day about life, about other people, and about myself.

Writing and blogging are what this is all about.

Pay attention to the journey, my friends. This is the best part of this whole writing thing.

I want you to succeed

When I first started my writing/blogging journey, no one told me about these five things.

But I wanted to share these lessons with you in the hope that they will help you make your blogging journey easier. I want you to be very successful concerning whatever you think about success.

Maybe you find everything you are looking for.