5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water

5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water

Taking care of yourself is very important. It is my belief that unless we take care of ourselves properly, we cannot take care of others properly.

The easiest and cheapest way to take better care of yourself is to drink more and more water. Most people already know that water is good for their body and they need to drink more of it but still, they don’t.
Keep reading to find out why you should be drinking more water


Benefits of drinking water

1. It Increases energy

Dehydration can cause fatigue. If you keep your body well hydrated throughout the day, you can avoid that extreme dryness I need a nap. Whenever I feel the need for a cup of coffee in the afternoon, I take a glass of water instead. Water really is the best energy drink and even better because it has zero calories and you won’t crash and burn after a few hours.

2. Makes your hair Beautiful & Healthy

If your hair is starting to lose its shine or feel dry and brittle, it could be a sign that you are not drinking enough water. Your hair is made of 5% water which may not seem like much but believe me it does make a difference. Drinking more h20 will not only make your hair soft and shiny, but it will also help your hair grow faster. Water hydrates the body which helps regulate the circulatory system, which nourishes the hair follicles, which then stimulates hair growth. So drink as much water as you can if you want long, healthy hair!

3. Gives you a beautiful glowing skin

The biggest improvement I’ve seen in my skin hasn’t come from any expensive treatments or mud masks, it’s from drinking more water. Your skin is 64% water, so it makes sense that drinking more water would improve the complexion of your skin. For years my skin looked super dull and it felt like life had been sucked out of it. I thought I was taking really good care of it by using high-end creams and serums but they were not making much difference. Once I started increasing my water intake I noticed an improvement in my skin within a few days. The dullness disappeared and my skin got a light glow. So instead of buying that super-expensive serum save your money and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

4. Weight Loss

Drinking more water can help you lose weight in a few different ways. Obviously, it helps you feel full so you don’t overeat. But drinking water also boosts your metabolism, which helps you burn more calories so that you can lose more weight.

5. Less Headache

I suffered from daily headaches for years. I was completely dependent on Tylenol to complete my day. I didn’t realize that I had an unhealthy diet and that being dehydrated for a long period of time was causing my chronic headaches. So if you suffer from headaches like I did try drinking more water and see if they stop. Life is so good when there is no headache!

so there you go. What is the reason for you not drinking more water? If you want to take better care of yourself so that you can take better care of your family and your home, drinking more water is a good place to start. It’s free. It’s easy and the benefits are amazing.

How much water should I drink?

If you’re wondering how much water you should drink, a general rule is to drink half an ounce of your body weight per day. So if you weigh 160 lbs, you should be drinking 80 oz a day. That’s what I do and it works for me. But I firmly believe that everybody is different and everybody needs different things. What works for one person may not work for another. That’s why I advise you to gradually increase your water intake every day. Pay attention to how you feel and look, and listen to your body.

If you’re struggling to make healthy lifestyle choices, a commitment to drinking more water is a great place to start.